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manifest your dreams into reality.

I believe that taking different challenges is a part of life. So many people could, I could and you can do it too.

I had challenges in my personal life, in my career and in my business. And I faced them, I learned more about myself, I worked on my limiting beliefs, on my weaknesses, on my habits, on my character, on my reactions, thoughts and emotions. 

I had situations when I had fears and doubts, when I was lost and frustrated, but I pulled myself together, defined my vision, my values, my self-perception. I worked with coaches too and I became a coach myself to help other people to be happy, to achieve their goals and dreams, and to improve their life.

Let’s get to know one another…

I believe that your attitude brings you opportunities or failures in life. You have always the power to change your life, learn and become a better version of yourself. 

Changes can be difficult, and even more hard, when you are on your own. I faced the challenges in my personal and professional life and became stronger. To bring more structure into my life and to understand human psychology and the tools better I did a professional coaching certification recognized by the International Coaching Federation and many coaching specialization courses. Thanks to this I discovered new methods on how to help people to achieve their goals and to improve their life.

I have always been a curious person that helped me to have confidence in myself, I had the opportunity to understand different cultures working in different languages – mostly German, English, Spanish and Russian. I can also speak Portuguese and a bit of French. 

Yoga was my way to find my inner center and to introduce mindfulness into my daily life. I learned meditation and how to guide meditations. In my yoga teacher certification and during the time I have been teaching yoga in Berlin, I learned a lot about myself and other people. 

I’ve been in a relationship for 13 years and married for 10 and a half years. So, I know how to build a lasting partnership and to build a home. 

I’ve participated in entrepreneurial projects in Berlin, I did interviews with entrepreneurs from different countries, I had my own online magazine about aerial acrobatics, pole dance gymnastics and contortion with many interviews with world-famous artists. I went to the events and was a speaker on different topics, like Mindfulness, Comfort Zone, Blogging and Leadership. I was also one of the speakers at Arden University in Berlin at our induction events when I worked there. I co-organized and moderated an international event for entrepreneurs of Sunny Office in Berlin. I gave coaching sessions to social entrepreneurs at the Do School at the special coaching event in Berlin. I was at the first Digital Nomad Conference in Berlin. I went to different entrepreneurial meetups in Berlin. I’m a part of the female founder space community. 

I’ll be happy to help you to find the right solutions for you and to make the best decisions, choices and changes in your life.

My mission is to help people to make a difference in their life.

I help my clients to improve their life and to achieve their goals. I give coaching according to the International Coaching Federation code of ethics. Everyone is different, so I apply an individual approach to each of my clients. Some clients come to improve something in their life, to work on the relationship with their partner, family, boyfriend or girlfriend, to work on themselves to find a partner or to rebuild themselves after a toxic relationship, to work on their self-esteem, to improve communication in their relationship, to learn new skills, to transform something, to achieve their goals in life, business or at work or to create something new in their life, to build up a business, to find a new job, to develop leadership skills and to make a career. 

Master your challenges, find solutions and take the right actions.

Our thoughts affect our emotions, our emotions impact our actions and our actions create our life. Working on your mindset, expanding your perception will enable you to achieve much more in life. In my experience, life is so much better when working with the coach, so, I would like to help you too.

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