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I lived the most years in the beautiful multicultural city Berlin, in Germany. I also lived for a long time in Russia, Mexico and Israel. I can give you coaching in German, English, Spanish, or Russian.

I’ve been working as a life and business coach since 2016. Besides coaching I’ve a Master of Arts in Intercultural Communication, certification in Online Marketing and public relations. I’ve done plenty of courses on online business. I’d love to share my experience with you.  I would like to make a positive impact in the world and help my clients to make their life better.

Let’s get to know one another…

I worked with clients from different countries with different situations. It made me happy to see their progress and how they achieved their personal or business goals.

Each person is different and it’s great. So I have an individual approach to each client.  It is very  important to me to help my clients in the best way. 

As I’m already in the middle of my 30s, I have a lot of life experience.

If there is just one life, live it great. What problems would you like to fix or questions would you like to find answer for? You can book a coaching session.

My mission is to help people to make a difference in their life.

I help my clients to create a vision and a vision plan for their life, to identify their strengths, potential, values and goals. I also teach my clients the most efficient time management skills and how they can manage their time to be more productive and to establish work and life balance. When my clients want to change something in their life, I support them with transformation coaching and empower them in the transition moments of their life.

I give coaching according to the International Coaching Federation code of ethics. Everyone is different, so I apply an individual approach to each of my clients. Some clients come to improve something in their life, to learn new skills, to transform something, to achieve their goals or to create something new in their life, to build up a business, to find a new job, to develop leadership skills and to make a career. 

Time goes too quickly to be suffering from something you don’t like or wishing for something without an action plan. Learn to become a doer, take your life under control, be happy.

We are here in the world to learn, to grow and to be happy. If you don’t like something, you can change it. If you want to reach something, work for it, go slowly, constant action is better than perfection. To overcome challenges will make you stronger and better. With coaching you can learn how to get wise with your actions, take smart decisions that lead to the results that you wish. 

It’s important to have a vision plan with a bigger picture of your life, your values and your goals. I’d love to help you to create your vision plan. It will help you to visualize your goals, get more clear of what you want in life and how to achieve it. 

In Business coaching I will help you to build up your business, where to start and what to do, how you can level up your business and how to make a brand. In Career Coaching I’ll  help you to find what kind of job you could do, how to write your CV and do the job interview. Moreover I’ll show you how to highlight your strengths and skills at the job interview. 

Do you need help? Don’t hesitate to book a coaching session.

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