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How do I work?

I start with an introductory session, where I will get to know you, you can tell me about your coaching topic, I will explain to you about coaching if it’s new to you.

The next coaching sessions are all about your coaching topic. In the middle I also do one diagnostic session where we analyse the results of the previous sessions. At the end I do a concluding session to summarise all the results of our work.

Coaching Sessions

1 Express Coaching Session
90 1 session.
  • You have a question that could be solved in 1 session.
5 Coaching Sessions
450 5 Coaching Sessions
  • You will get 5 coaching sessions.
10 Coaching Sessions
900 10 Coaching Sessions
  • You will get 10 coaching sessions.
12 Coaching Sessions
1080 12 Coaching Sessions
  • 12 Coaching Sessions

Long-term coaching support.

3 months Coaching Support
  • You will get coaching every week for 3 months.
6 months Coaching Support
  • You will get coaching every week for 6 months.

Should we work together?

Are you ready for the great things to come?

Have you imagined how your life would be if you achieved your goals? How would you feel? How do you feel now? What prevents you from getting the results that you wish so much? You are tired of being alone on your own with all your goals, problems, thoughts and pretexts? Then let’s make you the master of your life, take control, you can do it. Let me help you. I know how difficult it can be to face the challenges and difficulties on your own without having a good plan, necessary skills, being lost in the situation, feeling hopeless or full of doubts. Why bear all this? Let’s do a life coaching session and start working to make your life much better. 

Coaching Sessions

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Client Testimonials

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Life Coaching

I have several coaching offers according to the International Coaching Federation standards: You can choose 1 coaching express session or  packages of 5, 10 and 12 coaching sessions depending on your question. Get new insights to achieve your goals. Find solutions for your relationship, find a partner. Manage to learn a foreign language. Make more money. Unblock yourself in some area of your life. Get more confident. Transform your limiting beliefs. Lose weight. Transform your weaknesses into your strengths.

Online Group Coaching workshops 

I offer group Coaching programs on specific topics. Among them: 1. Heal your inner child. 2. Feminine Power: unleash your sensuality and feminine energy. 3. Unblock your emotions through body work, meditation and personal development.

Job Coaching

I will help you to make a CV and  cover letter. We will see what jobs you could apply for and where to look for a job. I’ll help you to prepare for job interviews. If you would like to change your job, we can also see which possibilities of jobs or new professions you have. As I worked as a Job Coach in Germany, I can help you to find a job in Germany as well. 

Business Consulting

You would like to build up your own business, but don’t know where to start. Awesome! I’ll be more than happy to help you. We will make a smart business plan that works best for your business. We will elaborate the necessary business strategies to implement.

Business plan will include a marketing plan with social media strategies. I’ll help you to choose the best social media channels which are relevant for your business.

You will learn how to do marketing for your business. We will also speak about your online presence: website and social media channels, such tools as Google for Business and Google Analytics, Google Trends and other very valuable tools. You will get a clear vision and steps to follow.

Let’s start. Reserve your business coaching appointment. Simply write me an email via contact form and describe shortly your business and tell me your time schedule to offer you the best suitable coaching appointment.

Do you need help? Don’t hesitate to book a coaching session.

Describe shortly your situation and reserve your spot.