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Opportunity or failure, you decide. It’s up to you what you will build out of it.

Circumstances and other people can influence your life, but deep in your soul you know better what is good for you and what you want. There will always be thousands of opinions, pretexts and excuses, fear of failure and fear of success, limiting beliefs… But the choice is yours. We all have to face challenges in life, we all can make mistakes and learn from them. And you know, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can make it, you have enough power… Let’s work together.

Coach is like your thinking partner who helps you to get to those Aha moments, when you get the useful insights and find your steps to the solution. From your childhood and life experiences you might have accumulated limiting beliefs and inner blocks that don’t let you move forward where you would like to be. You might have some repeating patterns in your life, maybe in your relationships. You might feel stuck in some areas of your life, relationship, career or business. 

You are not alone, let me be your coach and help you to make smarter decisions, better choices and significant changes for the best. 

1 Coaching session with me. Price 150 US Dollars. 

7 Coaching sessions with me. Price 990 US Dollars. 

12 Coaching sessions with me. Price 1700 US Dollars. 

Coaching Topics

  • We can work on your career,  job change and promotion.
  • We can work on the topic of looking for a new job. 
  • We can work on choosing the right profession and studies for you.
  • We can work on making a concept for your business or a freelance project.
  • We can work on your relationship issues: finding the right partner, improving your relationship and recovering after the separation. 
  • We can work on relationship with your parents.
  • We can work on your inner blocks and limiting beliefs.
  • We can work on the repeating patterns in your life, so that the same mistakes will stop happening to you all over again. 
  • We can work on the topic of self-love and appreciation to attract the right people and circumstances into your life.
  • We can work on setting personal boundaries.
  • We can work on your goals and a strategy to achieve them.
  • We can work on your emotional states and emotions, sensibility and vulnerability.
  • We can work on finding more balance in your life.
  • We can work on learning a new language.
  • We can work on moving to a new country.
  • We can work adapting to life in a new country.
  • We can work on the topic of getting a job in a new language.
  • We can work on your adaptation to another culture.
  • Supervising coaching session for coaches. 

Aha moments, it’s like a wow effect. When you get new ideas or better understanding of your life.

I’m happy to help you as a coach and celebrate your results together. 

Every day you have a choice to grasp the opportunity and see the possibilities or to live the usual way. The wonders start when you decide to see them. Our thoughts produce our feelings and our feelings make us do things in life. Working on your mindset, thoughts and emotions will not only empower you, but rewrite your life the way you really want it to be.

Coaching is a powerful tool of self-mastery, where you learn to reprogram yourself for better actions, decisions, choices and results. 

What my clients say

I had a life coaching session with Elen and it helped me to process my problems and see more clearly. When I started the session I was confused and anxious and Elen helped me to ground and center again. Elen actively listened to me and asked me intelligent questions to bring me to reflection. Also she suggested some practise & useful tools to use to help me to organise my thoughts and see my emotions. Elen is timing super flexible and was ready to change my appointment at the last minute to meet my needs. During the session it is possible to talk about every kind of situation. I appreciate her proactive energy and gentleness. Thank you!
Silvia Nonmiva
Freelancer, Acroyoga Teacher
I came to the session with a personal request about relationships. Two days before, I had an insight and I needed to speak it out and fully understand it. I needed to find a deeper meaning in this awareness. Thanks to the cozy questions from Elena, I was able to understand how much this is changing my life here and now. Relationships with husband, children and loved ones. I am grateful for this opportunity and I rejoice in my changes.
Olga Schellenberg
Artist and Coach
I feel like working with Elen is helping me putting my creative ideas together on a practical level to achieve something bigger than I imagined. She is helping me believe more in myself and realize how can put my skills together to be successful. Each coaching session reminds me that nothing is impossible.
Mia Ramer
Musician and dancer
I enjoyed her way of coaching. She helped me to bring clarity in some of my contradictory thoughts. Elen is a very practical and realistic person. She sees the situation from many different points of view and helps you to visualize a big spectrum of opportunities. I appreciate very much her coaching and will work further with her.
Karina Suarez Bosche
Thank you Elena! The session is very useful for navigating my current situation and have to say I feel so great and relieved after talking to you! You helped me to change fear into I excitement, I will definitely try the tools you taught me. Thanks for your kindness and patience, I'm grateful for your help on finding my clarity.
Iris Yu
Elena was SO helpful to realizing what I need to work on in my life. Our session allowed me to breakthrough some of the barriers that I have been facing for months. I now feel relieved and ready to get back on track.
Alexis Tinsley
Marketing Professional

You don't need any preparation for coaching sessions. Just start.

Coaching will help you with very valuable questions and tools to improve your life. It’s a safe space where you can share your situation, goals and dreams. It’s a space for you to develop, to discover, to explore your life from different perspectives and get empowerment and motivation to move forward in life from where you are to where you would like to be. 

Coaching has made thousands of people’s lifes so much better. Now it’s your opportunity to find the answers and tools to improve your life. 

I’ll be happy to help you.  

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