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Nowadays there are more female founders.

There are communities for women entrepreneurs. There are events all around the world for women who have their own business. 

It sounds awesome, but it’s not easy to start and to develop into a working business. There are many challenges ahead and it’s hard sometimes to keep your emotional health stable. 

On your way of entrepreneurship you might encounter your limiting beliefs, fears, inner blocks, changes of mood, stress, risks, lack of strategies and many challenges. All that can prevent you from moving forward in your business. 

Moreover, to become a successful entrepreneur, you need an entrepreneurial mindset. 

We can see all these topics and more in coaching sessions. We will work on all the important issues that you bring to the coaching session to solve your problems and help you to build up a successful business. 

Almost every successful entrepreneur works with a coach. 

1 Coaching session with me. Price 100 US Dollars. 

7 Coaching sessions with me. Price 700 US Dollars. 

12 Coaching sessions with me. Price 1200 US Dollars. 

Benefits of Business Coaching.

  • Thanks to coaching you can maximize your potential.
  • You will get more clarity in your goals and set goals effectively.
  • You will get more productive and organize your time better.
  • You will see how you can get more energy for your project.
  • You will improve your communication skills.
  • You will learn to delegate and perform instead of procrastinating.
  • You will overcome your fears and blocks.
  • You will win over limiting beliefs.
  • You will master your emotions and emotional states.
  • You will develop an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • You will know how to leverage your business. 
  • You will create more balance in your life.
  • You will enhance your strengths and motivation. 
  • You will learn how to manage your team more effectively.
  • You will improve your skills in building partnerships for your business.
  • You will learn how to tackle risks and delicate situations. 
  • You will work on yourself and areas of life where you need coaching. 
  • You will elaborate a strategy on how to increase your income.
  • If you have some personal issues we can work on them too. 
  • You will get weekly coaching support during our coaching contract. 

I‘m happy to support you to make your business dream happen with my coaching sessions.

The life is so much more than the everyday hustle. Imagine if you were very-very old, what could you have wished to have achieved? What would you like other people to remember you for? What would you leave for other people? 

If you had a dream in your childhood that seemed to be impossible, now it’s your chance to make it happen. I would love to encourage you to manifest your dreams into reality. Working on your life goal will help you to make your life more fulfilled and meaningful.

I have business coaching support programs starting from 3 months till 6 months or a year. You choose.

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