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Delegate Vs. Procrastinate
How to Start Delegating Instead of Procrastinating

Why do people procrastinate? Because it’s easy. It’s similar as motivating yourself to do the exercise if you don’t go to a gym, or motivating yourself to go to a fitness club at all. Or you ever struggle with your eating habits? We tend instinctively to simplify things. It can also be fear of not

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Insights on Perfect Timing and Limiting Beliefs

There is no perfect timing. The best moment is now. We all are used to wait till the right time, think about great ideas and then think ourselves out of them. Maybe you are afraid and you thoughts torment your mind with hundreds of arguments: “What if I…, But I don’t know if…, “What will

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boost your confidence
Are you constantly looking to be accepted by others?

Don’t look to be accepted by others, be accepted by yourself. You don’t need to please anybody or to show that you are worth, appreciate yourself. The way people treat you shows how they are and has nothing to do with your essence. Search of acceptance is a very common habit of many people. Right

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Secret Mindfulness Tool to Achieve More

Create a space for yourself during the day. Many people get so stuck in the routine, managing things that they forget about themselves. I don’t speak about making yourself pretty, shopping, doing hobbies but giving yourself a moment when you can sit down in calm and ask yourself: Ask yourself how you felt during the

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How to keep balanced no matter what.

It´s very easy to feel stressed and get led by the negative emotions and mood.  We all are used to be impressed by situations instead of pausing our flow of thoughts, our opinions and reactions and analyzing. The moment you feel that something doesn’t work as you want it to – stop, take a breath,

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Why relationships fail and what makes a relationship happy?

Why do many relationship fail? It’s because partners have different values, life goals and projects and don’t understand or appreciate projects of others. Being together is not just having passion, it’s not only physical side and mutual attraction, but it has also to do with your and your partner’s personalities on a deeper level. Each

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5 Most Effective Tips to Win Over Procrastination

Procrastination, nobody likes it, but very many do it. How to get out of the vicious circle? How to win over procrastination? You are busy and everybody wants something from you. There are so many things that you want to manage during the day. The time is flying. Actually you aren´t satisfied by results by

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How thankfulness helps you to be mindful throughout the day.

Have you ever thought about thankfulness as a ritual besides just a feeling of being thankful to you or others? How often do you feel thankful during your day? Do you get up every morning with thankfulness? What are you thankful for to you at this moment? Thankfulness is a feeling, emotion that could be

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the art of simplicity
The art of simplicity. 10 Tips to make your day simple.

Very often we make things complicated ourselves. And it can be in everyday life, in career, in a relationship, in a lifestyle, in thoughts and actions. With these easy simplicity tips you can make your day happier, more successful and more fun. 1. Make a plan with 3 main tasks and 2 optional for each

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20 Effective Ways To Defeat Fear

1. Analyze your fear and its reason If you feel fear, stop it. Think why and what has made you feel it. If you analyze the situation it may even seem absurd to you to be afraid when nothing bad has occurred. It´s human to be emotional, but exaggeration of feelings is not good. It

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5 Most Powerful Motivation Strategies for Entrepeneurs
5 Most Powerful Motivation Strategies for Entrepreneurs

How you can create your future as you want it yourself. Create your future as you want it to be. NOW it´s always the right time. If you really want to achieve great goals, than plan your future and work for it. Nothing happens in a day without hard work before. Everything is a result

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Meditation For Mindfulness and Inner Strength

Stress separates you from yourself. Your day is full of tasks, decisions, activities and you have very little time for yourself. So you are under pressure, as you want to do this and that and the time is always flying. You constantly feel that you have so many things still undone or so many amazing ideas

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Best Productivity Tips
10 Best Productivity Tips To Become More Successful

Proven productivity tips and methods that work. There are many different ways and methods to become more productive. Here is the  list of tips to help you to make productivity into habit. 1 . Speak less and do more and then show it to the people. Everybody has his or her own iceberg. Some people

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Mindful Tips Against Stress

Nobody wants to be stressed but almost everybody does. It´s a curious thing indeed. Why should you be stressed? How not to be stressed? People say that happiness is a decision. Then why not to decide and be happy all the time? What stops you from keeping your life and emotions under control?  Life… Circumstances… People…

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20 Tips For More Inner Peace, Motivation and Well-Being.

Gautama Buddha said: “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” Have you asked yourself how you can reach more peace in your mind. heart and soul? How you can have more energy, motivation and inspiration? Many of us are used to make big plans and end the day with half tasks done. Try these 20 tips

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How you can change what you wish in your life

Sometimes you have just to change perspective, look from another point of you, from a different angle. Everything has thousands of meanings that you attribute to it yourself. Everything that happens to you, everything that you see or oversee, all the people whom you meet, all the words that you say, all what you do,

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Positive Thinking. How to Be Mindful of Your Emotions

Let´s start with a practical exercise. Think of the situations when you let negative thoughts? At which moment? Take your time, 1-5 minutes… Awesome, have you discovered it? All the negative thoughts, anxiety, fear and other negative emotions come to you during a void in your mind, when your mind is not involved into a creative

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5 Questions before starting a business or if it doesn´t work

Many people start a business but fail because they don´t ask themselves the following most important questions. 1. Why do you want to make a business for this product or service? What idea and mission is behind your business? Many people frustrate in their business because they just do something to be independent and to

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12 secret techniques to make your body stronger

Some people think that in order to be strong you need to go to gym and train every day like crazy. It can help you but it also can exhaust you. In fact 3 days weekly is enough for a gym training. You can also choose a different kind of fitness to keep in form. I

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6 biggest happiness and success mistakes

1. Negative attitude Negative attitude does not mean necessarily negative thoughts, you can also be an optimist but still have a negative attitude towards this or that idea. The problem begins when this particular idea is the goal which you are so eager to reach. How does it work? It´s just the same as telling yourself that

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