How to Start Delegating Instead of Procrastinating

Why do people procrastinate?

Because it’s easy. It’s similar as motivating yourself to do the exercise if you don’t go to a gym, or motivating yourself to go to a fitness club at all. Or you ever struggle with your eating habits? We tend instinctively to simplify things. It can also be fear of not being good enough, or being unsure of the results which it will bring and sometimes it’s just pure laziness.

Procrastination is something that prevents many great and talented people from making their dreams happen. Some of the main factors are bad time management, lack of discipline and bad organization. How to deal with it? Learn to manage your time in an efficiently, teach yourself discipline, get more organized.

Let’s take a look at productivity-stoppers.

The hardest thing to start?..

For many people getting off with a project is the most difficult thing. Have you noticed that when you start doing something, you usually get into flow? Instead of forcing yourself to work on it for an hour or more, start small. Create a 10 minutes rule, to do it 10 minutes daily and keep to it. Soon you will see that it will get into habit and you will be able to work for more. If you would like to bring it into your routine to write daily for your blog, produce podcasts or anythings else for your biz – pull yourself together, start simple and be consistent.


Everything that doesn’t bring you to your goals and has no social purpose is waste of time, or we can call it time-eating activities and tasks. Sometimes things that seem to be important, are not so useful, if you exaggerate, like going out too often instead of working for your business or frequent all possible events without getting forward in your biz and thus converting in an “always there person” instead of making others curious of what is your business about.

Results speak more than just ideas.

It’s natural of us to share our ideas and look for a feedback. But speaking about your plans too much can lead to becoming unproductive. Focus on results. If you need to define your idea, make a concept and a short questionnaire with the most important questions and answer them for yourself. You can keep it at hand on your desk and revise it again and again whenever your need it to keep going.

Focus Vs Multitasking.

Multitasking sound great at first and it is stunning to be able to do several things at once, but the quantity doesn’t mean quality. And in fact it’s pretty devastating to work as a jack of all trades all at once. You may start working superficially on many things instead of digging into it in a proper way. Moreover multitasking makes you jump from one thing to another which is quite stressful and could drain your energy a great deal; in the meanwhile focusing on one task at a time allows you to keep your mind crystal clear and calm to make the most of what you are doing.


Delegating starts with yourself, as no one will do it for you. Everyone is busy and if you really want to achieve your goals, just do it. It’s easy to say and difficult to start, but the moment you get on track you will see that you can. It’s we who either create dreamy castles of sand or bring ideas to life. Whether you choose to delegate or not, it’s your decision. And decisions should be taken daily. So grasp yourself together and get the things done starting from now.

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