How to transform negative emotions and attract love and abundance into your life

All the negative emotions, sadness and pain is an absence of something in our life. Feeling of frustration is lack of achievements, feeling of sadness could be need of love, feeling of anger could be absence of support and acknowledgement of your friends and family, feeling of anxiety is missing faith in the flow of life, trust and confidence that everything will be as it should be.

Darkness is an absence of light. If you switch on the light, the darkness will disappear. The same is with our emotions. If you lack something in your life, share it with others. Let´s say, if you are worried about money, help reasonably in some good cause. If you need more love, share love. If you want to achieve more, feel joy by achievements of others.

The universe is huge and it can give you support. Do you know this simple fact: if you desire something with all your heart, you start meeting people who are doing exactly what you want to or have somehow to do with your goals.

It’s the same with emotions. The universe can give you a flow of abundance, if you don´t go against its current. To bring whatever you want in your life, you have to start with yourself. Look at your own darkness and switch on the light there. Any transformation starts with yourself. If you want someone to change, start working on your own flaws.

Every person that we meet in our life is for a reason. Your partner, boyfriend, family and friends, even acquaintances are there to show you something. Each person can teach us something. It’s not that you should listen to everything what people say you and look for opinions. No. What I mean here is that you need to have a strong vision of what you want to achieve in your life, of what you want and a picture of your better self. We come to this world to work on something, to correct something in ourselves and to realize some specific mission which is particular for each person.

This correction is called in Kabbalah tikun. Usually the life puts us into the circumstances and surrounds us with people who constantly confront us with our limitations and our challenges. For example, our partner is a mirror of our own bad and good character traits. If you don’t like something about another person, the first thing you should do is to look at yourself. Where in your life there is something you should work at? What do you feel is missing there?

It´s true that we should keep away from people that constantly let us down, from people that you can´t trust. It´s another topic.

But we shouldn’t want everyone to change without working on ourselves. If you look at the river, it will reflect yourself. The same is with your partner. It will reflect something in yourself. Write down what you don´t like and try to find out, what do you feel, you could correct in yourself. Once more, if you lack love, give love, if you lack tenderness, give tenderness, if you lack encouragement, give support. Learn to give and to receive. The abundance in our life has to do with giving and receiving. Sometimes we exaggerate or block one of those elements and put stones in the whole flow.

All the blocks, challenges, negative emotions are there to draw our attention that there is something missing in our life. And you have the power to transform this situation the moment you accept it and decide to work on what is missing in your life.

You are born with a free choice: you can suffer and feel pain or you can take your life under control, recharge and empower yourself . Unsolved problems, inner conflicts, anger from not forgiven insults and situations, misunderstanding, uncertainty, lack of trust in other people and other negative emotions are all a decision of yourself. Remember this. Any situation, any experience, any opinion of other people, whatever it is, it’s all possible to change. Sometimes it takes a long time, because it’s human to get used to certain behavior and then to expect others to act as usual. But if you start constantly doing things in a different way, you will gradually transform the way people perceive you and the way you feel about it yourself. It could be very challenging at the beginning: it’s like going against the current of expectations and maintaining strong desire to improve your life.

To put it simple: define what you want to get in your life, and give it to others. Find out in which area of your life there is something missing and start sharing what you need. Open up, trust the process of life, believe in yourself, work on your ego, feel empathy instead of jealousy, feel good about other people and feel good about yourself. Switch on the light in your life. You can do it.

Try these tips out and share your experiences and thoughts in comments.

Love, light and flow!

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