Secret Mindfulness Tool to Achieve More

Create a space for yourself during the day. Many people get so stuck in the routine, managing things that they forget about themselves. I don’t speak about making yourself pretty, shopping, doing hobbies but giving yourself a moment when you can sit down in calm and ask yourself:

Ask yourself how you felt during the day.

What was good for you?
What you would like to change?
How you are going towards your goals?
Were there something during your day that caused you negative emotions? How have you dealt with this situation? How was your reaction? How did you feel about it and how you would like to feel about it? Why? Which role does it play in your goals? How could you transform your negative emotions into positive in this situation?
What do you wish for yourself for this month and this year? Are you making progress or is there is anything that stops you or makes you stuck? What is it?

Practical Exercise

Close your eyes and feel yourself in the room or outside, wherever you are at the moment and try to feel the space and to connect with yourself. Try to feel the present moment, the “now”. Feel the space and yourself, feel your body and your soul. Feel gratitude for everything that happened to you till now and for the things from which you could learn something. Breathe for a few moments or for 20 minutes. Try to be mindful of your breath and of yourself. It will clean up the anxiety, fears, stress, change of moods, anger and negative emotions accumulated during the day. Open your eyes feeling your body, you can put your hands on your stomach feeling your chakra and the inner balance. Take this mindfulness with you into the day, when you do it in the morning and into the night when you do it in the evening to get new energy for the next day.

Remember, it´s totally ok, if you don´t like something in your life right now. That´s why it´s life to learn, to develop and to make choices, to take challenges and to get better. It´s a path to your own wisdom and towards yourself. So if you don´t like something, you can change it. For this there is a golden rule: When you are not conscious of what you are doing, you can´t change it, you just repeat the daily tasks, which can turn into a machine-like robotic lifestyle. It´s important to know where you are going and how. If you know what you want, you will make it. It´s the same for each goal we take a path to walk through, it´s a process. Be mindful of this process and at your choice which way to take, not to get distracted from your goals on things that are not important to you or people that prevent you from achieving your dreams by criticizing you, speaking out of your plans or maybe just imposing their opinions and unnecessary tasks.

It´s very common. We are too trapped into the unconscious doing, completing to-dos, working and hustling. You know that feeling, when you are always busy doing and working that you never make a pause to think if all what you do makes sense for your goals. So now you can change that. Start by taking time for yourself. If you can do that, than you can change whatever you desire in your life.

Giving time to yourself will bring you more peace and more inner strength, it will also help you to program your thoughts positively for your goals, make reasonable changes and optimize each day of your life to feel more expressed, fulfilled and happy.

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