Insights on Perfect Timing and Limiting Beliefs

There is no perfect timing. The best moment is now. We all are used to wait till the right time, think about great ideas and then think ourselves out of them. Maybe you are afraid and you thoughts torment your mind with hundreds of arguments: “What if I…, But I don’t know if…, “What will people think if..” and so on and on and on till you feel drained of energy and motivation to do a first tiny step to start something new in your life. Do you know why the world is still full of stress? Why do you feel stressed? One of the main reasons is because you live with your mind either in the past or in the future. Take a second: how often during the day you are in the present moment? Let me ask you one question: do you want to live your life or do you want to stress yourself out of it thinking of what mistakes you could have done in the past that could affect your situation or whatever things can happen to you in the future if your plans won’t work in the future? Take a moment… Well, now please answer to yourself, will words of other people change your soul? Will words of other people affect your personality and take away your talents with which you came to the world? Who indeed lets you down? Don´t bring yourself down, empower yourself.

The answer is very simple. Our own perspective can limit our life, our own perception of things has an incredible power to change any situation in a second. You may get out of bed and think that you will have a fabulous day, and you will have it. Or you make switch off your alarm, stay another 30 minutes complaining about your life and waste a good part of your day on self-criticism. And you know what, the choice is yours. Wherever you go, whatever you do with your life, whatever you think about yourself – it’s your decision. What you think about yourself will impact what others will think about you. What you feel inside, will influence what you think, do and what impression you produce on others.

If you look at the nature, you may be your storm and overwhelm yourself, you may be your sun and bring out the light and smile, you maybe be your river and flow with your spirit, you may be your own earthquake and ruin your dreams or you may be your unbreakable mountain that keeps going with persistence no matter what. You decide.

How do you feel now? Stop the routine, listen to yourself. Are you afraid of something? Why? Smile at life, smile at yourself, share your smile with others. Give a warm hug to your friends, enjoy simple things. Live up. There is nothing perfect, it´s the way you look at it. And if you are afraid to make something amazing out of your life, what will you think in a year about all this time that you have wasted thinking yourself out of your goals, doubting and frustrating yourself all in vain? Live in now. Start now. Make another step in your goals now. Decide to be happy now. Now is a pulse of life, feel it, open up your heart, open your eyes, let all those walls of limiting beliefs fall behind you. You are complete as you are and you have enough strength to set your own timing. Embrace your talents and embraces your flaws. Remember it’s you who makes you weak or strong. Be your best self now, because you can.

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