12 secret techniques to make your body stronger

Some people think that in order to be strong you need to go to gym and train every day like crazy. It can help you but it also can exhaust you. In fact 3 days weekly is enough for a gym training. You can also choose a different kind of fitness to keep in form.

I would like to share with you these 8 secret techniques which worked for the students in my classes to keep your body stronger.

1. Always do a dynamic warm up until your whole body and all the muscles feel warmed up before you start your power training.  Jogging and jumping alone is not a proper warm up, because it doesn´t activate all your muscles and joints.

2. Don´t force yourself to start your exercises with a full strength round. Start gradually. Do the first round less times. If you train in a gym, put less weight first and then you can put your maximum at the last round and add more repetitions. Each training try to hold the movement a bit longer in the last round.

3. Breathe with the movement and perform each move mindfully feeling your muscles, checking that you carry out the exercises correctly. Try to avoid such errors as bending your legs or arms instead of keeping them straight, lifting up your back from the floor when it should be touching it. Train with focus. Respect your limits: you will get better if you work at it. But perform each exercise correctly. Let´s say you want to lift your leg and bend it to reach higher. You shouldn´t do this, as you prevent your body from doing the move correctly and developing the muscles you need for the movement. If you do the exercise in a correct way, you will get good results very soon. If you do it wrong, you won´t have any progress.

4. Never train exhausted, sleep well and take vitamins. You can do yoga or pilates if you are tired and it will wake you up. But don´t do a power training if you are tired. Eat well one hour or one hour and a half before the training. Take something nutritive but not too heavy. Doing abdominals with a full stomach is a no-go. Make sure that you take enough vitamins D, Magnesium, Iron and B12.

5. Train your grip, it will give your strength in your arms. To do that, you can use a press-egg or some similar gadget.

6. Don´t train, just to be stronger and keep fit, but also with an intention to get more strength. Keep it in mind while doing exercises, be mindful of how much power you put into the movement, which muscles are working. Don´t just do exercises, but feel them, feel your muscles and let them get stronger.

7. Do exercises for those parts of your body that you need to train more first. If you have weak arms start with trizeps and bizeps exercises; if you need to work at your abdominal, train them first. Apply the same method for your legs, butt and back. It will give you a feeling of strength and help you to perform exercises for other muscles better. In this way you can transform your weaknesses into strengths. But don´t forget, be focused during the whole training.

8. Include 20 -30 seconds plank position in your training. That will activate your core muscles and give you more stability. Check that you are straight and squeeze your stomach during this exercise. Then relax for 1-3 minutes and do 3 repetitions.

9. Hang out with people who motivate you to train.  You can learn from them and improve quicker. Don´t train with people who don´t want to train, you will lose your time and motivation. Remember the training should be intensive, if you do one exercise and speak for 5 or 10 minutes, your body will relax again and it will bring you less results. Make pauses of maximum 1-3 minutes between the rounds. Make it intensive if you really want to get stronger and work on your muscles. You can go to a cafe with your friend afterwards. But be focused and organized during your training.

10. If you feel weak, than start gradually, but do augment the weight or repetitions. Very often your mind that tells you that you can´t, also when you already can. There is a special trick for you if you have this problem. Take a fitness gadget that seems optically to be lighter, for example, you can choose a bar with narrow plates instead of a bar with big rounded plates. As you will perceive it as lighter, you will manage the exercise and work it out in a good way with more weight.

11. Squeezing your muscles can help you to lift more weight. Keep the whole body in tonus and pay attention to each movement. It will allow you to make progress quickly.

12. Always stretch after the training. It will prevent pain after the training, give a good feeling for your muscles and moreover it will be great for your whole body and for you back.

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