20 Effective Ways To Defeat Fear

1. Analyze your fear and its reason

If you feel fear, stop it. Think why and what has made you feel it. If you analyze the situation it may even seem absurd to you to be afraid when nothing bad has occurred. It´s human to be emotional, but exaggeration of feelings is not good. It only drains your energy. Remember that you and your personality is the most important, nobody and nothing can take you from yourself, so you don´t need to worry. Everything else could be modified and changed if you like and work for it.

2. Concentrate on the positive

Very often we expect things. It´s a trick of a human mind: we hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see. But in reality another person has a different message and our opinion could be very subjective. You and everybody need the definite. The definite is like a comfort zone. What I mean, is that if we don´t know the answer, the outcome, things that are going to happen; we imagine them in our head to clear the gap of the unknown. Why are we doing it? Because it´s human, we grow up with it. Then is it really bad to expect things and to close the gaps?
It´s not a bad thing, but still could cause worries. Let´s say you have expectations, you make a plan, for example, to move to another city, to go to an event, to go to the party and the story that you have already made in your head doesn´t work. So you begin to feel disappointed and don´t see the good you could see in things.
That´s why it´s better not to have any expectations. Very often you get so obsessed with your expectations that you stop seeing the beauty of the moment around you, opportunities and people. And if you go somewhere without any expectations, you will feel great by each positive thing.
The same if you start your business concentrating on your project, on helping others and doing it because you are passionate about it, you will achieve your goals.
That´s why as an awesome minimalist and famous blogger Leo Babauta wrote “Toss Your Expectations Into the Ocean.”

3. Take it as an experiment

Let´s say you want to start a project, begin doing something new applying theoretical knowledge in practice. You have an idea and feel inspired, but somehow your fear holds you back. You may ask yourself lots of questions in indecision that block your mind from just doing it.
Here is a list of some blocking questions with tips how you can convince yourself to really start doing.
– “What if it doesn´t work?” – If it doesn´t work, you´ll learn and make it rock with success. You´ll gain experience and find out the solution you need. With no action, you´ll get no results. 
– “What if nobody likes it?” – It´s one of the frequently asked questions of many people. Of course it´s impossible to satisfy everybody. But there is always a person who needs exactly your service, blog, music, whatever it is. Remember we all are human and very often you can get a feeling that it´s just you so weird. But there are lots of other people who feel the same as you and who wish they had what you want to do. By the way the world is developing and if you don´t start now, it could be that someone else start the same idea.
Try it out, you´ll see that there will be people who like it, who interact and help you to learn more about your own idea from another perspective, improve it and make a successful project out of it.
– “But I don´t have the same quality as X famous person” – Nonsense. Everybody has to start and all the great leaders have had their first step. It´s time to do yours. Now. 
– “I don´t have all the equipment” – This is one of my favorites, because I had it too. Just start working on other tasks. Prepare everything and the day you get your equipment, you can start working at once. You can also rent things in the beginning. Anyway just start. You can do it simple, many awesome entrepreneurs and digital nomads have started like this.
– “But I still have fear. It´s huge, I´m emotional type, you know…” – Absolutely absurd. What should you fear? You won´t die if you start your project, launch a blog, online shop, magazine or any other business. It´s great experience. No way for such words.
“There are too many people who are involved in this industry. I shouldn´t lose my time.” Okay and what? So you that you can´t do it. Congratulations, you yourself close the doors of success in front of you. Look, if there are a lot of successful people in the same area, it means you can be successful too and there is a demand of your service. And remember everyone is different and you can always add your personality and your talents into your idea that your future clients need in particular.
– “If I´ll quit my job, my routine, my super house, what if it does not work out as I want it to.” That is a common thought of many people. Are you happy with your life? Or is there something missing that you would like to change? If you have an idea, it means that you are not indifferent to the new way of life. There are several points that you have to figure out for yourself.

Practical Exercise 1

Why did you come to this idea (business idea or project)? Will it help others? In which way?
Can you visualize your concept? Tell a piece of paper and write it or make a mind map. Use colors, make it clear.
Can you set short time and long time goals? Put the exact dates starting from now.
Now structure all these goals into steps.
Write a Plan A, plan B and if you wish plan C. Add your strategies.
Describe what type of people will like your idea. Who of them are your friends or acquaintances. Make a list. Why will they want it?

Practical Exercise 2

Take another piece of paper, or use your computer. Sometimes it´s just better to write it on paper or also re-write it then on your notebook. It has the advantage that you materialize your thoughts and rewriting think them over, add some new things. So take your time. The task is to draw a table with 2 columns. One is for your today´s life and another one if you implement your project. Answer the following questions:
What do you like about your life of today and what would you like if you start your own thing. Please write down all the advantages that occur to you. You can also add more afterwards, but try to write at least 10 things now.
What things you don´t like for both?
There are a lot of things for you to do now, I know. But you can do it. You will feel grateful to yourself when you get more clarity about your project.
In fact I´ve used to give different checklists to my coaching clients for that part and go with them through these and more steps.
After you have answered the questions, analyze the results. Read them before going to sleep and in the morning. Give yourself the whole week to think it over. Sure you can get questions as you write your strategies and goals down. Inform yourself, go to networking events, meet people who have already done their own thing or a similar project. Go to international conferences.
One of the great conferences is DNX Global. So check it out.
When you have your project structured and clear, it´ll be easier for you to start. Remember you don´t have to make an elephant step, start gradually, but go for it.

4. Meditate and take at least one quiet moment each day for yourself

Meditation can give you more clarity, calm and focus. It helps you to feel your inner center, tear away the fatigue and activate your mind. During the day we have thousands and thousands of thoughts flashing through our head, plenty of external information, distractions, habits and things that take your attention and overwhelm your mind and consciousness. So it is important to take at least a short moment when nobody disturbs you. Close your eyes and meditate. Feel that all your worries fade away, feel the energy, direct your sight to your third eye. Enjoy the silence of the present moment. You can do everything. Feel this motivation and take it with you for the whole day.
Or you can also just think about nothing for a few minutes and then ask yourself: “How is your day? What do you want? Is there is something that you don´t need and don´t want, than change it.” Enjoy the moment and calm down all your emotions and preoccupations. You can decide what you want and nobody can decide it for you. Remember, you always have a choice and can rule your own life as you want.
Here is an interesting article how meditation can improve your memory, focus and productivity.

5. Draw your fear

Materialization is a great way to solve problems. Take a sheet of paper and just draw. You don´t have to draw something in particular, just let you hand pour it out. It could be anything forms, lines, patterns, things, people, objects – whatever your subconsciousness makes you express. Then you will see that afterwards that you will feel better. So tear off the paper and go on with your things with a relief.

6. Dance it out

Dance is also awesome to express your emotions. Turn on the music that you need at this very moment and dance. It will make you feel good very soon. Moreover it will give you more energy and motivation.

7. Smile though sad

It´s scientifically proven that if you begin to smile, though you feel sad, in some minutes you smile will become natural and you will feel better. Try it out. Smile and smile back to people. Smile at those who don´t smile and they will smile back to you. It´s a nice feeling to give and to receive smiles.

8. Take a walk

Walking is good for your cardiac system, it releases stress and calms down your nerves. You can let your thoughts fly with serenity. It´s also proven that walking boosts your creativity. Just watch the video about it.

9. Think about your achievements

If you are afraid, you imagine things in your head that does not exist. Stop doing it, you are just kidding yourself. Take a quiet moment and think about your achievements. Make a list of them. You can read it each moment if you feel unsure, also in the mornings to motivate you and boost your positivism and in the evening before going to sleep with a happy feeling to get up tuned.

10. Visualize your success

It´s similar as the point 9, but now try to visualize your achievements and try to grasp the feeling that you had at that time. Now visualize your new goals and enhance the feeling of joy and motivation, the feeling of success. Then take it with you, remember of it and re-live this feeling in difficult moments, keep motivated.

11. Speak to your best friends.

If you think too much about things, feel nervous or just fear something, you get stuck and stressed. Your mind gets exhausted and you can´t see the things with clarity. In this case it´s better to spend time with friends and leave negative thoughts aside. Don´t complain to them about your worries. Speak about other topics that don´t have to do with your worries. Sure you can ask in a neutral way your friend´s opinion, but don´t pour out your problems or things that you see as a problem because of obsessed thinking upon your friend. It´s not good and it´s an act of negativity sharing instead of you both enjoying the conversation. You will see that next day, you will have more clarity about that what caused you doubts and fears. You´ll feel a boost of energy and motivation. So don´t lose it, go for it.

12. Find a life coach

Let a life coach help you to plan. If there is something that makes you worry, it´s great to have a life coach that can guide you and help you. You see the situation from only your own perspective. What you need is another point of view. You can ask your friends, they can tell you their opinions, but it could only perplex you with different contradictory thoughts and make a huge mess in your head. A life coach has the skills to help you out, understand you situation and find the necessary solution.

13. Don´t take it to heart

We are used to react against things without controlling our emotions. As you perceive and grasp the information, pass it over to your mind to think it over, don´t follow your instinct to feel upset, offended and angry or depressed. Tell yourself that it´s just external information, don´t lose your calm, happiness and energy because of it.

14. Inform yourself about the topic that worries you

Very often we fear because we miss some knowledge. All people tend to reconstruct the situation if the facts are missing to see the whole. Without knowledge you feel the indefinite and begin to think what could it be; what could happen if. Actually “what if…?” – is the beginning of a dangerous sentence.
That´s why inform yourself, make a research and then you will find the best solution. You don´t need to feel fear or any negative emotions, save this energy for finding the best solution.

15. Network with like-minded people in a positive circle

Networking with other like-minded people is very motivating, inspiring and helpful. You can make new friends, find a cooperation business partner, share experience and just have an awesome time.

16. Organize your place. Too much stuff makes a mess in your head and causes anxiety

If your working place is full of stuff, your mind is too. There is no clarity in a mess. That´s why try to put away all the disturbing objects out of your room so that your mind has its space too. You will notice that you will work more concentrated and feel more freedom.

17. Listen to motivating and energetic music

Listening to motivating and energetic music is very inspiring, refreshing and gives you more energy for your projects. If you make a music and movement pause, you´ll feel clear, creative and focused at work.

18. Eat and sleep good

If you eat well and sleep good and enough, you are not so sensible and can better control yourself. It also makes you feel more energized, motivated and concentrated.

19. Let it go

Let things, people and emotions go. If you feel sad, angry, fear – let these feelings go away. They are just draining your energy that you need for your business, social and personal life. If you let things go and don´t take them to heart the life will be much easier and more joyful for you.

20. Positive mindset

With a positive mindset, you can boost yourself with motivation and strength. If you see the good in small things, you can feel more joy and happiness. If you feel angry or afraid, you will be limited by your own negativity. So go on and develop positive mindset if you don´t have it yet. Everything is possible and you can realize your big dreams. So enjoy the process and let your positivism help you to move forward.

Please comment below how do you deal with your fears and what helps you the most.

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