20 Tips For More Inner Peace, Motivation and Well-Being.

Gautama Buddha said: “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.” Have you asked yourself how you can reach more peace in your mind. heart and soul? How you can have more energy, motivation and inspiration? Many of us are used to make big plans and end the day with half tasks done.

Try these 20 tips to feel more at peace, inspired and motivated.

1. Self-confidence is half of success. If you believe that you can, you will. There many people who work hard indeed and still stay up late in the night working, but don´t get the results wanted because they underestimate their accomplishment.

2. Well known important and urgent plan with clear structured, miserable and attainable objectives is very helpful. It´s called SMART. The letters mean: special, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound.

3. Desire to achieve and power to succeed. A burning desire to realize your project gives you plenty of energy. Passion for your idea is like your wings. Let your imagination fly, get inspired, motivated and do it.

4. Inner peace. Inner peace is crucial for harmony. If you are in peace with your ideas, your actions, your words and yourself it will give you more strength and a calm reason instead of nervousness.

5. Visualization makes magic. Imagine for 5 minutes in the morning and before going to sleep that you have already realized your dreams and how your life will be. You will note soon that visualization gives you more inspiration and encourages you to achieve your goals.

6. Write a daily plan each evening before going to sleep and revise it early in the morning. If you divide your project into concrete tasks you´ll just follow it step per step till you´ll accomplish it. It will l also give you a feeling of the definite and make the project more realistic in your eyes. Feel happy at each single step you´ve done, and go on.

7. Use your plan in the following way: 15 minutes work, then 15 minutes exercise (fitness, yoga, pilates, stretching, gymnastics, etc.), dance, mediation or walking, you can also include 3-8 social media pauses for 5 minutes.

8. Make “green pauses“: go for a walk in a park or somewhere you can relax in the surroundings of nature. Walking is proven to be amazing for your cardio system and relaxation of mind. You can also make notes of new ideas in your smartphone or iPhone. You can also take some pictures of landscapes or trees, you never know, it could be that you can use them for example for a post in your blog or screen background on your notebook. You never come back without ideas, photos or both. I love this way of inspiration. It brings your inner peace, relaxation and creative thinking all together. By the way, green is great for the eyes, it reduces pressure you get from working on your computer or notebook. Enjoy your walk: give rest to your eyes and your mind. You can do it!

9. It´s also important to meet with your friends from time to time, go to meet-ups with interesting people, make new friends and networking. It´s a great fun and great for your projects. Don´t isolate yourself thinking that you can launch your project quicker if you close yourself at home and only keep working. New people, bring new ideas. Relax your busy mind and then come back with more ideas. Have fun and get inspired!

10. Mediate each day at least once a day or at the moment when you get tired. While meditating, choose a mantra: “I can realize my dreams. I will achieve all my goals step by step.” Or something similar that motivates you. Just repeat these sentence for 8-10 minutes, let other thoughts fade away, feel your body, then go deeper into your mind and only fell these sentence saying.

11. Make pauses breathing and reactivating pauses. If you feel you are tired, just sit for 5 minutes, breath in deeply and breathe slowly out, pay attention to your breath, concentrate on feeling you breath, don´t think for a while. It´s just like a breathing meditation. It helps you to reactivate your brain.

12. What is also helpful when you feel exhausted is to make a head stand. You can just choose a wall, if you have never done it before or can´t do it without the wall. Head standing brings the blood to the arteries of your head and thus make you more concentrated. It´s marvelous to combine with a few exercises for back and shoulder or stretching.

13. Food habits have a great impact on your working process. Take care of your diet, don´t eat when you just nervous. Vegan and vegetarian food habits are very popular now. Alkaline food is the healthiest way to provide your organism with all the necessary vitamins and minerals, prevent diseases and boost your immune and digestive systems.

14. Make a timetable for you meals. First of all, it´s healthy to eat at the same hours. Of course you can also change the time of your meals. You can also be flexible if you have some important appointments, projects, trips. Many nutritionists consider eating 5 times a day, each 3-4 hours, better for the organism. You can try it out. Here there is an example for you. If you want to change your eating habits, you can do it. It could be a bit difficult in the beginning, so take into consideration that for a change you usually need 21 days to get used to a new habit.

15. Drink black tea, green tea and water instead of coffee. Coffee tastes delicious, but if you think in the long time perspective, you can get addicted to coffee and feel tired and sleepy without a cup of coffee. It means that coffee controls your energy. When you drink a cup of coffee you feel a sudden flux, climax of energy, but it gradually disappears and you want to take another cup of coffee. It´s a kind of vicious circle of dependency and looking for stimulation. That´s not good and not healthy. You can take coffee time from time, for example in a cafe with friends or at the meeting, or when you had to get up much earlier for a special project or trip. It´s ok, from time to time is not like every day. When you start taking tea, you´ll notice that in 21 days, you won´t need coffee any more to work and concentrate. Gensheng or pills of gensheng with guarana is a great help for the beginning. It helps you concentrate and have more energy.

16. Detox your organism from time to time. You feel your stomach aches after eating you can purify it eating in alkalizing food. Here you can learn more about it.

17. Take care of you mind, don´t think to much if you feel that you are racking your brain in order to find a solution. Just don´t think about it for a while, take a rest, go for a walk or just do other tasks. The answer will come the moment you less expect it. And it will be the best idea.

18. Listen to music you like each day for at least 10-15 minutes, in the morning to feel happy and in the evening after work. You can also work to the beat of the music, if it doesn´t distract you. There is also special chakra and music for concentration. Here you can find out more about music and working.

19. Smile more, it will make you feel better. If you feel that you don´t advance with your to-dos, just smile and make other things, or make a pause. If you are sad and you smile, the smile will gradually become natural and make you feel good.

20. Don´t think of problems, they never exist. All the difficulties are just the questions and tasks that require a solution. And you will find it. So you don´t have problems and you can manage it. Remember: “There is always a room at the top” (Daniel Webster).

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