5 Most Effective Tips to Win Over Procrastination

Procrastination, nobody likes it, but very many do it. How to get out of the vicious circle? How to win over procrastination?

You are busy and everybody wants something from you. There are so many things that you want to manage during the day. The time is flying. Actually you aren´t satisfied by results by the end of the day and the most important things are left by side. Or you just can´t see the end of the tunnel of tasks and it seems to you that you were doing things the whole day and don´t see any results. There is still a lot of work.

Or you are busy as everybody is and you have some great idea or a project that you are working on, but constantly focus on other things instead of it. The time goes by, the time never waits, the time flies. You wish you have done this and that, but have never moved a finger to start or gave up too soon.

You are busy, but you have time. It´s the thing of priorities that you set for yourself. If you want to achieve something, you have to work for it and choose it as your priority. Don´t be lazy to work upon the things you desire.

Parties, calls, hanging out in social media for hours, shopping – just small things if you look at them, but they all swallow your time. Are they so necessary that you consciously decided to give up your great idea jut for the sake of these things?

Procrastination is a choice to waste time for unnecessary instead of focusing on the essential and the most important.

Why can´t you stop doing the things that prevent you from realizing your dreams and achieving what you want?

Tip 1

We make all the mess ourselves. How? Looking too much outside, being lost in external things, like shopping, going out, when we shouldn´t, caring too much what the others think: “Oh no, that´s bad! The best tip: Fuck what others think!!” And the list goes on and on, you are sure to know your things.

When we concentrate on external things, our attention and energy gets completely dispersed and we lose the focus. You can take as much coffee as you like, it won´t help.

Nothing will help you, if you don´t stop looking around, giving your energy to external things. Go deep into yourself. Find you inner center with your mind, heart and soul. Are you at home or on the way reading this article? It´s all the same where you are now, close your eyes just for a moment, and feel your body and your inner consciousness. What do you want most of all? What are you doing? Are you obliges and imposed to do the things that you don´t actually like?

Or you like everything? Everything leads to nothing.

Good, what answers have your inner consciousness gave you? Listen to yourself. Your intuition is a voice of your consciousness, soul and heart created by your own mind during your life experiences. It´s something that your body and you yourself already knows but haven´t made clear to yourself. It´s knowledge on sub-conscious level. That´s why it almost always true.

Try to get rid of unnecessary things, objects, activities and concentrate on the most important things.

Tip 2

We over-plan our life. Order and comfort zone are not the same things. Too much order and structure can be devastating for your energy, the same as comfort zone liming your life. If you want to do too much things, you get lost. You plan too much; you get oppressed and stop doing things. Don’t plan. Just decide what your priority is. Choose several things that you would like to achieve and give yourself the joy of freedom to work in their direction. Enjoy the process; give it a touch of creative mess if you need it.

Tip 4

Procrastination and percolation. Percolation means investigating too much time, collecting the data and reading instead of doing. So check this point. Work is good. Over-work is energy and time-killer.

The irony of life number four

Never be depended on somebody else. Your happiness and success of your project is your own responsibility and decision. Learn by yourself or pay somebody who knows better, get the result quickly and go on.

Tip 5

What has procrastination to do with your emotional state? If you are sad, tired, negative, angry, aggressive, upset or depressive – you waste your power into your emotions. Your emotions can give you energy or take it away from you.

If you want to have more energy, decide to change your attitude. Happiness gives you more energy than chocolate, however delicious it could be. And if chocolate makes you feel awesome for an hour, happiness can make you keep tuned all the time if you learn to keep your decision to be happy.

Comment below this article: at what are you procrastinating the most? Why?

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