6 biggest happiness and success mistakes

1. Negative attitude

Negative attitude does not mean necessarily negative thoughts, you can also be an optimist but still have a negative attitude towards this or that idea. The problem begins when this particular idea is the goal which you are so eager to reach. How does it work? It´s just the same as telling yourself that you can´t or that you are doing bad and not doing any progress at all, it´s about criticizing and blaming yourself.

Solution: Work hard and dare to try, go out of your comfort zone. If you are already successful in other areas of your life but there are one or several things that you are afraid of but somewhere in your heart you long for them and your intuitions tell you that you could try, go for it.

Be grateful to yourself for each step however tiny it can be, for each progress you are doing, because it all leads towards you goals.

Tweetable for you: Count results, not difficulties.

2. Dependency on others

If you depend on others, you also depend on their opinions, judgments and decisions. So you are not free and you don´t believe enough in yourself that you are able to realize your ideas and wishes.

If somebody can discourage you easily, it means that you allow other people to decide for you how you live. Is it fair? Absolutely not.

Solution: Decide for yourself. Don´t listen and don´t take to heart what people think. Start your project, go travel, start a business instead of studies, build a blog, do what you like, because it is you who lives your life. So don´t let anybody let you feel down. At the end those people will be amazed how good you are at what you love.

3. Expectations

Expectations can spoil anything. If you go to an event and expect something special about it, you want enjoy it if it turns out to be not as you expected. Here is an example, Betty just moved to New York. She had a lot of friends in her small city and expected to make lots of very good friends in New York. So she went to the party and somehow it was different, not the way as in her city. She was timid to start a conversation and a bit surprised by the atmosphere so she didn´t speak to many people. At the end she didn´t like the event. So if she went just to enjoy the party and to speak with other people, she could have had a great time. So in life, it´s the same if it´s a party, or a job, or an event, a trip  or a conversation with a friend, we are used to expect things and feel unsatisfied and disappointed if the things don´t work as we want them.

Solution. That´s why don´t expect things, just enjoy the process. Don´t expect things from people, rely on yourself and know what you want. Set your goals, be clear about what you want in life and set your priorities.

And here is a Tweetable tip for you: Focus your energy on achieving your plans, not on worrying if it works out.

4. Comparison

Don´t compare yourself to others. Everybody has his/her own talents and mission in this world and everybody has to work to get the results. Some people hide their iceberg of the hard work.

Solution. Be happy of others successes and let them motivate you to achieve yours.

5. Chaotic lifestyle and lack of organization

If you have no organization in life, you can´t manage your time and will often feel stressed by not having things done.  Your Tweetable is Chaos in mind brings a chaos in heart. 

Solution. Think which lifestyle you would like to have and plan your day accordingly. Get rid of things which you don’t like and which are unnecessary. Spend more time on doing what leads you towards your goals. You will see that you will start feeling great and relieved by letting go things that were pressing you down.

6. No purpose

If you have no purpose, the life loses it´s sense. You don´t have any special goal in life. So you get bored, depressed and exhausted and you feel that something is missing.

Solution. That´s why if you don´t have a purpose, sit down and think about your life and what things you would like to do. Maybe you can change your lifestyle; maybe you can start your own thing… If you feel lost and need help, book my life coaching session and I´ll help you to find it out.

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