How you can change what you wish in your life

Sometimes you have just to change perspective, look from another point of you, from a different angle. Everything has thousands of meanings that you attribute to it yourself. Everything that happens to you, everything that you see or oversee, all the people whom you meet, all the words that you say, all what you do, from a single movement or gesture up to your breathing.

You can actually read people´s moods and intentions observing their movements and actions. You can discern your life in visuals and symbols. For example you are walking on the beach and suddenly see some paintings on the sand, perhaps some kids were playing there but their creative lines inspires you to write a story, to design a new model of dress or T-shirt pattern, of a new movement, of a new products, perhaps a sand pencils, a plot for a movie. It´s a symbol that leads you to a new experience.

Very often you have to wait in the traffic or to wait for a transport. You can either be stressed of having to lose your time waiting or you can write some notes, speak to a friend, take a quiet moment for yourself or even meditate.

All in this world has a certain very particular meaning and we all know it, but absurdly forget it at the very moment we need it. All stress, preoccupation is also a cause of not understating the pattern or not working building your life, giving up the control and following the current.

If you are passionate about something, you begin to attract people that are interested about the same things. And if you put your heart into your idea and what you are doing, you will succeed.

You can also face difficulties optimistically and learn from them or feel depressed instead of working to reach your goals. It´s all up t you. You have the choice. You can see problems or you can see new possibilities, you can follow the routine or your spirit.

Our fears are ignorance of what is going to happen. When you don´t know something you think it out filling the gap. But very often the things are quite different in the reality and you create your own movie.

The indefinite causes the most fears and ridiculously it´s you yourself that choose the indefinite and build the constraints. The indefinite is a result of a desire without action when you consciously instead of planning and working for it, decide to waste your time on preoccupations.

It is a part of procrastination. What is the reason of procrastination? It is ignorance of how to do, a weak will, a bad planning, endless tasks, bad time management, uncertainty or sometimes also fatigue and exhaustion. Check it yourself.

The life is in a constant movement. But as you always have to choose your direction. To do everything is impossible. Without focus there will be no result.

A bird can fly only in one direction it chooses. If the wings were moving in each direction the bird would stay in one place.

You can create your life and take decisions according how you interpret things. If you feel that something is wrong, just change your perspective.

Visual Exercise

Imagine a huge clock of life. Think what do you want to achieve in the next 1 and in the next 5 years. Then imagine yourself after a year and yourself after 5 years. How do you feel? How was it for you? What steps did you take to get where you are? Let yourself in 5 years give yourself from now some good advice. Now that you could see your life from a vaster perspective, choose a starting point, a first or next step for your goals. Remember now you can start something that will define your whole life, however impossible it may seem.

Very many people don´t believe in their power, in their talents, in themselves and stay where they are instead of making their life, instead of being themselves, without pretends, instead of living the life as they desire. And it´s very sad, because everybody in this world has a right of self realization. You have the right to live as you want and nobody can take it from you. If at this moment you have doubts, uncertainty or don´t know what to do, if there is something in your life that you would like to change, just take your time to be quiet, go deeply inside of you and ask yourself what is holding you back, then go out and work for it with all your heart.

If everything is a perspective, it´s you who can change it. The way you look at things is the way you live. 

I would like to share with you an inspirational poem that I wrote in 2014.

A look from another perspective

Take a look from another perspective
From inside of your heart up to the sky;
From above, from aside, from your soul;
And from beneath of yourself.
Take a look, but don´t stop.
Keep your pace and just walk.
Feel the warmth of your body,
Feel the motion of life.
Take a look from another perspective,
As it opens your eyes.

Take a look from another perspective,
See the world as it is.
See yourself and the people around,
See the thousand paths of your life.
See with calm and step out
Of limits that don´t exist.

Take a look from another perspective.
We all are just consciousness
Disguised in bodies and believes.
Leave aside all the myths.
Almost everything is just a consequence
Of thoughts and actions.
Take a look, smile and breath.

Take a look from another perspective,
Do you see the millions
Of unnecessary words and doings;
Imposed ironies, illusions of fears,
The indefinite made with love by your own laziness.
Take a look, director of your own movie.
All what you need is what you have.

Take a look from another perspective.
It´s just a look that goes beyond and everywhere.
Take a look and let it change your entire life.

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