How to keep balanced no matter what.

It´s very easy to feel stressed and get led by the negative emotions and mood.  We all are used to be impressed by situations instead of pausing our flow of thoughts, our opinions and reactions and analyzing.

The moment you feel that something doesn’t work as you want it to – stop, take a breath, feel inner peace, feel your presence in the world, connect with yourself and in this calmness ask yourself what is the situation and why do you feel this or that way. Then try took look at it from a different perspective.

Very often we create a movie of a situation before we get the full information. It´s very human to invent things to feel the gaps. It could be good as an art of creativity but in reality applying it to your life it can cause problems, misunderstanding, stress and things that are not true. So don’t search for reasons, try to observe and analyze.

The best solutions come to a clear and peaceful mind.

Sometimes restricting and controlling your emotions brings you the best results and gets you there where you want to be.

We react to things the way to often as behave proactive. Everything is a consequence of our thoughts and actions, of our energy that we put in what we do and say. You have the whole power to tell your mind what to feel and replace negative feelings by positive. Sometimes it´s not easy and as each habit it takes time to get used to it.

Teach yourself to think positive. Nobody can think positive for you. Everything is relative and depends on a way you think about it, the perspective you choose. Everybody is different though we have all so much in common, but it’s you who feels your life and yourself.  It´s your life and it´s your moments in the universe in this world at this time. Don’t waste yourself, it´s all you have. All the material things can go away, but what always stays it´s being yourself.

Why do we get stressed. Because we disconnect with ourselves and the universe, with our own soul and with peace inside of us which each person has. Because we give too much of us to things that are just normal happenings and issues to deal with in life.

You can achieve so much more in life if you keep connected to your inner center and keep mindful of your being.

If we received everything with ease, we won´t appreciate things so much. We have to work for your achievements and undergo a process of getting better. Everybody comes to the world with a special mission and things  to correct. Some people have to learn to be more patient, more generous or more reasonable with money, some have to work on their character and share a bit more, some people have to open more or control their mood, work more on their relationship or social life. It’s different for everybody.  And the more we work on our life, the more we get, the best we become and the more light we receive.

Accept that things have to be worked for, accept that there is no perfection, but perfection that you create in your mind, accept that you can learn by mistakes, learn the lessons of life not to repeat the same mistakes.

The balance in life comes with acceptance of yourself and the others, of knowing what you want in life and goals. Balance is a combination of decision to be responsible of your actions and reactions, thoughts and words. Balance is a work on yourself and a skill that you can learn by practising it.

Everybody talks about balance, but balance is a habit. You can be in balance if you develop harmony in yourself. It´s about not judging things, doing your best without taking it to extreme.

Balance is when your mind and soul are at peace and your body feels good. It´s a state when you feel the certainty that whatever you do, say or this at this moment will be positive for your life. It has to do with developing the positivity, learning to take choices that sometimes are not in your comfort zone, but will bring you the greatest discoveries. It´s about trust in yourself and that what you do is right for you at this moment in this very situation.

To be balanced, give yourself time. Don’t react at things, just think for a second, take a decision and be empathic. Ask yourself if it’s right first stop the time in your mind.  You can meditate each day or at difficult moments, you can just take a breathe and give yourself some peaceful time and analyze the situation. You can try see it from different points of view and analyze them. There are always many solutions, sometimes you refuse to see them yourself. What happens in your life matter, but sometimes you understand it only afterwards. Try to develop trust to your intuition.

Wherever you are now, you can change it. Whatever challenges you get during the day, you can decide what to do with a clear head and give yourself time when you need it. To balanced, you have to practise balance between your emotions, thoughts and actions.

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