Meditation For Mindfulness and Inner Strength

Stress separates you from yourself. Your day is full of tasks, decisions, activities and you have very little time for yourself. So you are under pressure, as you want to do this and that and the time is always flying. You constantly feel that you have so many things still undone or so many amazing ideas to realize or perhaps so many events to go at the same time.

So you begin to be preoccupied and give up to stress. Have you ever heard that stress separates you from yourself? So how it works? Because of stress you lose the feeling of definiteness. This leads to uncertainty and your head gets overloaded with projects. With a mess in your mind you can´t control your plans and sometimes even your actions. Take care!

When you lose control of your actions, you can subconsciously act out of emotions, fatigue or even somebody´s influence. That is dangerous.

Make correct priorities. What will help you to move forward? What is your goal? Do you have some idea, dream that you would like to realize but don´t believe enough in your power and abilities to implement it? Or do you feel that you can make something huge, but at the moment you feel confused what you really want? It´s absolutely ok. All of us have to go through a process of search, experiments, mistakes and trials till we come to the final idea.

Don´t lose your time, it´s too precious to spend it on the things that don´t deserve your attention and energy. Don´t do that to you. Get rid of imposed tasks; know to distinguish what is necessary. Do you want to live YOUR life or be somebody´s slave? Remember you always have a free choice; you can always make the time by excluding unnecessary things, make time for the most important and make time for you and your life. There are no problems, just things that require solutions. Among those strike away all the unnecessary stuff. Learn to say “no” if it´s not your priority at the moment or at all.

If you don´t have a clear mind you can´t work productively and keep focused on your tasks. That´s why try to keep mindful. How? Meditate.

Meditation for mindfulness and inner strength

Take 15 minutes break and sit down and think of what you have done today, what you want to achieve and what is your situation now. Then feel the moment, embrace your own presence in your heart, feel alive, feel for 3 minutes your body, your spirit, you presence in this world, close your eyes and just feel. Enjoy the silence. Silence with you, silence that is speaking to you with thousand of meanings of your being here and now for a certain purpose. Feel that you can light the whole world just with a shine inside your heart. You are here and it has a special meaning. Feel happy, relaxed, feel joy and energy. Nothing ever can take away from you the most precious in your life – yourself. Let the time stop in your head, just feel, breath in and out. Feel your breath and joy coming with each second. Give yourself time. Enjoy 2-3 minutes or more. Then move slowly your fingers and your toes; take a deep breath but keep with the closed eyes. What did you feel now? How was this new experience for you? What have you learned about yourself?

Keep your eyes closed and look deep inside yourself. Now that you have discovered your power, ask yourself, what do you want at this moment? What life do you wish for you? What things do you like to change or cultivate in yourself?

Then look with the closed eyes at your situation from the perspective of the world. Find a place for your dream? How do you feel yourself in this world? In yoga terms it´s called yama – your relationship with the world. What do you see? Now you are not distracted by the external things, you are deeply in yourself, you feel the clarity of your goals and purpose, now give it an intention, your personality, you found your particular way in this world.

Still with the closed eyes put the palms of your hands on your heart and give it your warmth. Feel the warmth flow inside you. With closed eyes try to look into the distance and feel the light coming towards you. Embrace this light with and within your heart. Take 3 or 5 slow breaths.

Then put your hand on your stomach and concentrate on your center. Now feel the certainty of your presence, of your thoughts, of your emotions. Your eyes are still closed. You breathe slowly and feel peace and calm. Serenity. It´s the moment of absolute harmony of your body and mind, of your inner center that you have found now in yourself and will keep with you during the whole day. Feel the power, feel that you are complete as you are, you don´t need anything external, feel your inner strength, feel your desires, feel your whole self.

Fears? Why should you be afraid of something? It won´t change you, you are as you are and accept yourself is the biggest happiness. Develop – sure, development and movement is a part of life. So feel the energy, power, desire and passion to move forward. You have met yourself and contemplated about your life. So take 3 minutes, feel that desire inside you, desire to live as you want, to live your life, to be yourself, to express your own beauty into this world. Feel the flow of happiness, certainty and desire inside you. Breath in and out.

Then stand up with your eyes still closed. Feel the ground under your feet. Feel the space around you. Feel that the whole universe, the whole planet, the whole city, the whole street and the place where you are now is your home. Now feel your own body and your inner center, your inner fire and your inner strength. Feel your calm. Then tell yourself inside you: “I can do – name your idea”. Then open your eyes, go write a plan and do it.

Or if you already have a plan, give your total focus to your tasks. You are on the way to realize your wonderful ideas. Your life is under your control, you can do it and you just felt your inner strength. Keep it through the whole day and every day, don´t let circumstances, people, insignificant episodes let you down. Just know inside yourself that you can and bring it into the world. Namaste.


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