Positive Thinking. How to Be Mindful of Your Emotions

Let´s start with a practical exercise. Think of the situations when you let negative thoughts? At which moment? Take your time, 1-5 minutes…
Awesome, have you discovered it? All the negative thoughts, anxiety, fear and other negative emotions come to you during a void in your mind, when your mind is not involved into a creative process. Let´s have a closer look at it. So you are working on your projects, do your activities, hobbies and meet friends, just follow you life plan. So why then you get negativity when you could be always happy and positive?

From the beginning we all have inborn positive and negative facets. The thing is which of the traits wins, which of them you choose. You are always free to choose between the positive and the negative. So you want to be a good person and then choose the good. But why do you too suddenly recognize some negative emotions? Why do you feel anger and rage, pain and fear?

Here is the secret beyond it. In the moments when you aren´t creative, when you have a void, an empty space, negativity takes over. One of my great Kabbalah teaches said that “the negativity begins with an empty space”.
How can you avoid an empty space? First of all you should control those moments and keep self centered, keep conscious of your actions, of your words, of your goals and your inner self. But here take care, because many of us are very busy and still give way to negativity.
What can you do in this case? Be busy connected to the light, when you are busy doing something that you love, negativity will have no chance.

What is the consciousness trigger?

The trigger is an expression of our spiritual world as a reaction of something external. Let´s see an example. You are walking alone to the party along the street in your city. It´s late in the evening and some of your friends told you that this district is dangerous. So as you are walking along the street your conscious trigger is awaken. All of a sudden you hear some noise, perhaps from somebody´s flat or from around the corner, that has nothing to do with you, but you don´t know it. So you get afraid.
If you analyze it, the fear comes exactly at the moment when you start creating things in your head and switch on a trigger. You begin to think “What if…” “What will happen when…” and so on. According to the Kabbalah you can build chains of triggers, sequences of triggers in your head, creating situations with different outcomes. So you mind begins to tell you that it´s dark and you get more and more afraid or even panic.
Two Positive outcomes for you: The first one: You run away to the train station and go home and will never come along this street alone. The second: you continue walking and nothing happens to you come trembling inside you to the party and never go along that street alone again.
So you have to be conscious that you can invent things in your head and build movies of something that doesn´t exist. We will see this point more in detail in this article.

External reflection of inner harmony

To explain it better I would like to start with an example. The first situation. It´s a beautiful sunny day, the weather is wonderful. You take the train to your company or a co-working space. Everything is great. All of a sudden, somebody begins to shout, and you see that a drunken person entered the train, he begins to shout at everybody. The old couple across you begins to complain angrily that one shouldn´t let such people enter the public transport. So you get a headache and a bad mood. When you come to the office, you see one chair is out of place, you kick it with your leg, walk further and move another chair to the side.
The second situation. So it is an amazing day. You take a train to the office or a co-working space, it´s quite or there is a pleasant music in the train. The you arrive and see one chair out of place, so you push it to the table, so that all the chairs are in a perfect order.

What can you conclude out of these two situations? In the first story, everything seems perfect, but then because of an external disorder, you react externally. In the second situation the day is wonderful and this external harmony reflects on your actions. So if you feel harmony and no external trigger disturbs you, you try to transmit this harmony in your actions and words.
Now is it possible to take control over this trigger and maintain harmony? Yes it is. First of all, as already mentioned above, you have to keep a very strong inner center, inner self. Then you have to be connected to the light and avoid an empty space, maintain your inner harmony and inner serenity. In some cases there is also an important factor that also can produce a great impact upon you. Let´s speak about it.

What impacts your life

You may wonder this fact, but movies make a significant part of your life. How is that? By that I don´t mean TV, computer or cinema movies, not at all. Movie is a creative process of creating situation when you feel a certain gap, lack of information as a reaction to external factors.

A good example of a movie. You go out with your friends, you go to the party and on the way your best friend whispers something to another friend and they begin to laugh. Your trigger is on at once and you begin to think that they are laughing at you. But the thing is that this friend has told some secret about him/her that you don´t know to your best friend. But as you don´t know it, you begin to create a movie, that the both friends are laughing at you.

Another example. Do you remember above we spoke about walking alone along the street to the party in a district that one of your friends described as dangerous. So at the moment when you hear the noise, you start to create a movie in your head. So when you come to the party with your head full of movies and nothing happens to you, you begin to ask your friends about this district, so you begin to collect others´ movies. Robert tells you that in the newspaper they wrote about an accident last week. Jenny´s bag was stolen once on her way as she put it on a seat for a moment. And so on. So you are now impressed by all those movies and will never want to go this way alone. At the same time other friends go to the party every month and nothing happens to them.

This is just an example, but each day in our lives there are situations when we don´t know something and react turning on the trigger and creating a movie, or looking for others´ movies. So that means that your actions, your inner state mind and emotions, your words and behavior get impacted by the consciousness movies.

How can you prevent that? You can´t let you live an imagined life caused by negativity. Let´s analyze that. The movie starts when there is missing information. But you want to know it and emotionally you already switch on a trigger. It is a usual reaction of a human psychology. We are used to fill the gaps with the movies, creating new realities. So we have to be very careful as we can begin to believe in this reality and it can influence our behavior and our mind. Then you get movies from other people and their movies interact, intertwine with yours. We want others´ movies as we are looking for validation of our movies or just to fill the missing knowledge.

Sometimes you can be so filled with movies, that the movies, the new reality that you create through these movies get such a great impact over you, that they change you and your perception of yourself or even your self-esteem or self-evaluation and your opinion about the world and other people.

That is why we should be very careful, because you can start acting according to your movies. So what is the solution? You have to connect to your mind, to its essence, keep mindful to avoid negativity. Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag said, that if your mind is sleeping, you lose control over yourself and automatically give up to the movies and negativity.
You have to tell yourself that the fear you feel, or negative emotion is your “tikun”. In Kabbalah “tikun” means correction. All of us come to this world with a tikun, certain things that we have to correct and work upon. I´ll write about it soon in more details.

So if you feel afraid, control yourself, say to yourself that it is a psychological process, it´s a movie. Don´t build a movie if you get relative information that can´t be approved by your mind. You have to understand that all of us ourselves create realities, emotions and movies that don´t exist and have nothing to do with reality. So you have to keep to spirituality, to your mind and your inner self and remember that you have to work on your tikun to achieve harmony, happiness and get control over your life.

Karen Berg, a great Kabbalah teacher and author wrote that “We have the capacity within ourselves to take control and change the reality of the world.” And it´s absolutely true, if you control yourself and everybody controls herself/himself, we can make the world better.

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