The Secrets of Successful Goal Setting. Why failures happen and how to prevent them.

An efficient goal setting is absolutely necessary to realize your  plans and dreams. There is no successful business without goals, there is no successful entrepreneur without goals.

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Why so many people fail their business? The goal setting mistake.

The reason why some people start their business or a project and then failure is a wrong goal setting and no action. If you take action can also depend on how you set your goals. You can be motivated or demotivated by your own goals.

Let´s take a closer look to the kinds of goals and how you can make impossible into possible just by a correct goal setting.

There are different kinds of goals and they all are interconnected. The secret is to make a clear and precise structure of your goals in order to make them work for you.

Long-Term Goals.

First of all there are long-term and short term goals. Long-term or so called big goals. Long-term goal or a big goal is an achievement that requires previous work process to realize it.  Long-term goals has to do with our values, ideas, balance between business or career, personal and social life.

We all are looking for meaning in life, for things that make sense to us. We all thought the whole life strive to express ourselves to the fullest according to our values and vision.

Big goals are also based on other kinds of goals that are very important to take into consideration.

Spiritual Goals.


Spiritual goals consist of our desires, talents, opportunities, values and expectations. Spiritual goals are core goals, because they have to do with our deepest motivation, with our values and vision. Spiritual goals is a concept of ourselves and the world. They define who we are and what we want in life.

It´s a balance between your talents, opportunities and desires. And your self-perception and your deepest beliefs make you choose and take this or that decision to set it as a goal.

Spiritual goals is so to say a goal setter, that inner impulse, inner booster that impacts you to move on, to move forward. It is a goal and your inner motor at the same time.

Spiritual goal could be not only personal development, but a goal that helps you to express yourself as a person. It´s what creates the meaning for you in your long-term, big goal. Because your big goal has a spiritual component.

Now if it look so beautiful, you have a big goal and a spiritual purpose, why should you fail?

The thing is, we are not conscious of that spiritual part. Our big goal can come as it comes to the kids. You want something, but can´t explain it, and they you cry. Projecting it into an adult world it works this way: you have a goal, that you are absolutely keen of, so you work for it and you get exhausted, and you make mistakes, and you stuck. Wh? – Because you are not aware of that spiritual component, because you don´t analyze and don´t see that spiritual goal behind your big goal.


Now take 5 minutes, and write down your 5-10 core values. Then write down your  long term-goals and look in them for your values, which value do they express for you.

take 5 minutes and write down your 5-10 core values

Competence or Skills Goals.

Skills goals mean competences, knowledge and expertise that you need in order to achieve your big goals.

If you work at you big goal, but lack some very important knowledge, that your goal requires than you can get stuck. There are 2 solutions in this situation: one is to hire a professional who can do it for you or cooperate with an expert or co-founder. Another is to learn it yourself. There are very many courses and certifications.

For example, if you start an online store but don´t know any marketing, hire a marketing professional. Or learn marketing yourself, which can take you more time.

Short-Term Goals.

Short-term goals are those that lead to your big goals. Short goals are steps towards this long-term goal.

The paradox is here that everybody knows about short-.term goals, but still can´t structure them in a proper way.

Smart model is helpful to set your goals productively.

Smart Model.

S – specific

M – measurable

A – attainable, attractive

R – realistic, results-focused

T – timely, tangible

Specific means that your should define your goal as concrete as possible.

Measurable stands  for a structured work process divided into clear steps that you can measure with deadlines and smaller accomplishments.

Attainable and attractive: if you like your goal, it´s easier for you to do it and you feel motivated.

Realistic: your goal should be realistic for the time and skills you set it. It´s possible to realize things that also seem unrealistic for you at the moment, if you set them as long-term and work for them. For example, changing career, studying something new, starting a business – it is possible and achievable and it takes time.

Timely: Calculate how much time you need for your goal. Don´t set too much goals on your daily agenda. See how much time will it take you to do each task so that you don´t get into panic and stress. Sometimes less means more. You can get better results by doing 3 or 5 tasks well than hustle over ten things in one day and leave them half-done.

Conclusions: set very specific and concrete, timely and measurable, realistic and attractive for you short-term goals.

If everything seems so good and simple, why do people fail?

Some people don´t have clarity in defining their core goals and their spiritual goals. They put wrong big goals in order to achieve the goals their spiritual goals and as a result they suffer on their way and feel unhappy.

Many people misunderstand desires for balance, love, respect, belonging to the group, etc. and set goals that can be settled in another and more simple way.

I hope that you don´t have that and if you need more clarity, I´ll be happy to help you to gain clarity and to find out the bug goal.

Procrastination and Passive Attitude.

Procrastination is no action, it´s about being passive and wasting time instead of taking decision and acting.

Action depends on the way in which you plan your goals. If you don´t have a good well structured plan, you can feel overwhelmed, perplexed and stressed by your goals which drains your energy and prevents you from taking action.

We all are human. We have only 24 hours in our day and from this we also need to have a good sleep to function. If you put thousand of tasks on your list, with some of them maybe without any deeper sense – it will be too much. Not the the list will be too long on the paper, in your head or on our screen, but too much to carry the tasks out.

Learn to choose the right goals and the right steps is important, as well learning from mistakes.

Set priorities, it will help you not to waste your time on the unnecessary. In heart and soul you know what taks is important for you and what not, ask yourself. Many people are too used to follow the current, they just see the taks or have it in mind, but don´t think about why they have to do it. Be mindful of each step to your goal. Omit the unimportant and time-wasting things and activities if they don´t get you to your goal and are not healthy for your body.

Doing sports, yoga and movement is helpful, because it keeps you energized, healthy, fit and motivated, as well it´s good for concentration. But things like going shopping without buying, playing a computer game, meeting friends every day could take your time that you can use for your goals and it doesn´t contribute to your body health..

Good choices lead to great decisions that move you forward. Clarity and structure are the keys of productivity. This structure and clarity has to do with your concept of yourself, your values and the world. If you get clear on each level, you can turn that incredible potential that you have into power that will lead you towards your goal.

Of course, you will have to work and you will have to learn. What you can do is to make this process efficient, results-oriented and successful by the correct goal setting.

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