How thankfulness helps you to be mindful throughout the day.

Have you ever thought about thankfulness as a ritual besides just a feeling of being thankful to you or others?

How often do you feel thankful during your day? Do you get up every morning with thankfulness? What are you thankful for to you at this moment?

Thankfulness is a feeling, emotion that could be developed and encouraged by yourself each day. Thankfulness gives you happiness and satisfaction with yourself, other people, situations or results.

Very simple example that I think you may already know is making a thank you note or accomplishment note of the tasks that you have done.

You can be thankful when you get up every morning and write down 3 things that you would like to do which make you feel grateful.

You can be thankful with people. Very simple example, if you smile at someone. This person will normally smile you back. The same is when you feel thankful, you transmit this energy into the world, into your reality.

Our day consists not only of thoughts and actions, work and rest, but also of energy and flow of energy, This energy goes on through your inside towards outside and interacts with the energy of others. The way you feel not only reflects on your words, behavior, posture, mimics and gestures, but communicate a certain message to others.

Charles R. Swindoll said “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

We act and react with energy. If you put an energy of thankfulness into your thoughts, into your actions, into your self-perception and world picture, your life will be so much more positive.

You will give thankfulness to others and they will answer you with it too. If communication is an interactive exchange of messages on one hand, it is also exchange of energies on the other hand. Communicate thankfulness to yourself, to others and receive thankfulness.

Each moment in your life has a certain meaning. Each moment is a lesson of life. If you lose a bus, don´t get angry, be thankful and ask yourself what haven´t you thought about this day. Take a moment to feel mindful.

Thankfulness has also to do with our reactions. If you can´t control your state of mind, anger and stress, try this simple exercise: substitute a negative feeling with thankfulness or another positive emotion.

How many times do you say thank you during the day? Do you act from thankfulness, that is do you act with empathy and understanding to others?

There is also one thing that can cause anger and darken the feeling of thankfulness. It´s the desire to fill the gaps of ignorance about situations which you don´t know. Let me explain to you what I mean. Very often we care too much about others and what others are doing instead on working on ourselves. So if we don´t know what other person was doing, we start inventing things, reasons and interpretations that are not true. And in this way if they are negative, we fill our mind with negative thoughts instead of thankfulness and joy, instead of doing more for your goals and living your life.

If at this moment you feel stuck, lost, stressed, frustrated or sad meditate with thankfulness. Connect with the universe through your thought. Think less, feel more, open up to your inner knowledge.

Maybe this is too spiritual for you, but it works. Some of my coaching clients tried this out and it helped. And you can try it too. You can be thankful throughout the day. And you can also achieve more in this way and have a happier day.

I would love to hear from you. Comment below this article, how is your experience with thankfulness? How do you cope with your negative thoughts?

Love & Shine

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