The art of simplicity. 10 Tips to make your day simple.

Very often we make things complicated ourselves. And it can be in everyday life, in career, in a relationship, in a lifestyle, in thoughts and actions.

With these easy simplicity tips you can make your day happier, more successful and more fun.

1. Make a plan with 3 main tasks and 2 optional for each day. When you have accomplished one thing, make a success note, put it on your table and enjoy that you have things done.

2. If you don´t know what to do or doubt when taking a decision, make it simple: write down the options, write 5 advantages and disadvantages of each and choose what looks more appealing to you. Quick, simple and decision made.

3. If you want to make more sport during the day, work in a 30 minutes flow. After each 30 minutes, get up and do something for your body. You can do exercises for your shoulders and the arm. In the second break, do some rounds for the back, then for your abs, legs and so on. This way you will stay active and your body will feel good.

4. Sometimes we women have this one. If you don´t know what to wear today, ask the following questions and choose simply. For which occasion you have to choose your clothes? What impression do you want to produce? Which colors do you think will be good for this? What is good for the weather and suits the place?

5. Your thoughts are too complicated. If anything brings you out of harmony, write it down. Take a piece of paper and write. Do a pro and contra list. Then write down the good things and choose what is better for you.

6. You feel that your day is too full: first of all, if you don´t have a calendar, then schedule everything. After that cancel what is not necessary. It´s simple.

7. You don´t know what to cook. Here is a short checklist tip: vegetables, fruits, proteins and cereals. Pick up something: for example muesli with fruits and nuts and mango-coco smoothie for a delicious breakfast. Eat simply and healthy.

8. Know your finances: Make a table and put there all the numbers: your income and expenses. This way you can have a clear view of your money things. If you see that you spend too much money on something, strike it out. If you see that you can make more money, brainstorm the ideas.

9. Don´t do multi-tasking. Focus on one task, you will do it quicker, better and more concentrated.

10.  Make your space simple. If  you have things that you don´t use, sell them, give them to somebody who needs, or throw them away when old or broken. Take care of your space, it impacts your mood and focus.

These are just some tips for more simplicity in your day. Please add your tips in comments and share your experiences with simplicity. What do you make difficult for yourself, when you could do it simple? I´d be happy to hear from you in comments.

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