Why People Fail Their Dreams Without Those Components Of Success

4 Components of Success.

Sometimes we don´t get the things, because we are not ready. You know that feeling that inside yourself you feel that you can, but something inside still you doesn’t let you make it happen. Why? Because you have to get your heart, mind and environment ready for success. What do I mean?

I´ll give you an example, if you have a beautiful flower at home and instead of water, pour juice or soft drink into it, the flower will die. The same is with you. If you go to the places, where you don’t feel expressed, understood and valued, you will lose your power. It will subconsciously affect your mind and your emotions. Surround yourself by the people who help you to be yourself and to grow enough to find yourself in yourself.  People are so used to ask questions, tips and hints other people. But they can´t feel what you feel, they are not you. Don´t forget that whatever you need you already know, but it’s you who decide not to listen to your intuition.

In life there is a very simple rule of the universe, you get what you believe you deserve to get. If you think that you are not good enough than you are not ready for your goals.

Another very important point is the space. Prepare your space.  If your place is overstuffed, you are constantly distracted by the unnecessary, it steals your time thinking of what you don’t need to. Give a space for inspiration, fre flow of thoughts, for success. It will knock at your door at the right moment.

We spoke about mindset and about your space and now let’s speak about something that is absolutely necessary. It´s your emotions. We all are human and many times we can be off the track just because of feeling bad, because of letting our emotions to lead and take control over ourselves. And when this happens, forget the rest. However great you are, however awesome skills you have and however amazing care you take over your space, you will lose yourself. And if you lose yourself, you will lose everything. That´s why keep it clear that you are the most important person that you have. You are the most important thing that you have. Let´s say it like this, because people love things. Don´t you? We don’t own anything in this world and the greatest gift ever what we have is ourselves. So love yourself, take care of yourself and the rest will come. Don´t let fears, doubts, anxiety, worries overwhelm your heart and mind. You have so much power inside you if you believe in it.

If you work on your mindset, emotions and space and choose with which people you surround yourself, you can make your life so much better.

Why people fail their dreams?

There is another very important point that I would like to discuss with you. Why can you fail your goals?

To make it simple I´ll give you an example. Once I decided to walk home through a different path for a change. I was listening to podcasts and walking. And in 12 minutes all of a sudden I discovered that I was lost in the wrong direction. It was the significant moment when the beautiful voice in the podcast said: “If you don´t know where you are going, you end somewhere else.” And that was so right. Why? Because if you don´t know what is your goal, what do you want in your life, you don’t know the right direction. We all have goals. Why do we fail?

Here we have to distinguish between goals and wishes. Wishes are things that we want. Just want or to satisfy some good or bad feeling in us. You say, you want a house, a new car, a trip around the world, a house, whatever. It´s a wish. Goals are on the deeper level, because they have to do with your life goals.

We have short term goals and long term goals. Everybody knows it. And it´s right, why do people fail their goals? Because we forget one very important thing without which things don’t work. Our goals have to do with our vision. And our vision has to do with our values. If you know your values, if you know your vision, you know your goals and the way up to them will come naturally. Of course, you will have to work for it, we all have to work and learn. The thing is to work in the right direction. If you don´t have a vision, you may take the wrong goals.

Walk through your life in the right direction. Walk through your life with a vision. Define your vision. Because if you don’t have it, people will throw pieces of theirs on you of the sizes that are not yours.

Be ready for your dreams, be ready for your goals, be ready for your vision and be ready to be yourself. I know, we have to get ready to be who we are, because we are so often distracted by somebody else.

People say that the life is a theater and you are an actor. There is one very important turn to it. If you act to be somebody else, you will never know this person who you are, you will build the life of somebody who are not you, you will feel blocked.  Be an actor of Your life, be a designer of Your life, be a maker of Your life, be yourself. Not just repeat it, not just see it and skip thousand times, get ready to be yourself.

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