3 Types of Food according to yoga that affect your state of mind and behavior.

According to yoga philosophy there are 3 types of food: sattvic, rajasic and tamasic food.

Sattvic food are thoseTamasic that  nourishes your body and give a feeling of lightness. Vegetables, especially leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains are sattvic foods. They are healthy, have a lot of vitamins and you can eat them every 3 hour. You will feel more focused and more in balance with your body and mind.

Rajasic food is the food that gives energy quickly, stimulates your brain but for a short period of time and if you eat or drink it too much, you can feel anger, hyperactivity, negative emotions or also sleeplessness. To rajasic food belong coffee tea, spicy sauces and spicy food, garlic and onion, fried foods.

Tamasic food is heavy food that makes you feel full, tired, exhausted, sleepy and angry. Moreover it´s not healthy or should be taken in small portions. Examples of this food are non vegetarian products, like meat, stale food, creamy cakes,  margarine, fatty food, food that contains a lot of oil or sugar.

Besides this classification of food there is a number of useful tips for well-being of your body, soul and mind.

1. When to eat? Organized meal times are the same important as organized work.

Your meals time is also important. If you eat at different hours, it can provide disorder of your eating habits and disbalance in your body. Normally you get used to regular hours, and if you start eating at other hours, it could happen that you will be hungry at your usual meal time and eat more. That’s why it’s healthy to eat at the same time every day, so that you body feels the balance.

Your body has a very sensible clock, that gets used to regular hours. Try to organize your day in this way so that you can it at the same time every day. And never eat if you are not hungry. Your body knows when it needs food.

2. Eat slowly and mindful.

Don’t swallow your meal fast, enjoy it. If you eat too fast, your organism does not have enough time to feel and to start digesting you food, so you keep feeling hungry and eat more than necessary. Moreover slow eating gives you more calm, satisfaction and joy then eating in a hurry.

3. The place where you eat should be comfortable and with enough light.

Eating in a dark room affects your mood. Don’t eat standing, only as an absolute exception. Don´t eat in a too noisy place, so that you can eat with concentration and calm, feeling the food and not the noise. The energy and state of mind with which you eat can influence your day.

4. Cook with positive vibes.

The energy with which you cook, prepare your meal and eat can influence your mood, work, actions and thoughts.

Food cooked in a positive state of mind contains more prana.  In Sanskrit ”prana” means “life force” or all energy in the world. It’s also good to listen to yoga mantras for purification of your room and mind.

5. Don’t save money on food, buy healthy products of good quality.

What you consume, makes your body and influence your mind. That´s why take care of your body and it will take care of you.

6. Combine food with taste.

Don’t eat incompatible food at the same time and don’t mix heavy food with heavy food, like bread and soya burger, for example.

7. Eat in balance.

Don’t eat too much at once, divide your meal during the day, so you feel light and not hungry.

8. Warm tea and warm meals are awesome when it’s cold.

Warm tea helps digestion.

9. Drink and eat not at the same time.

If you feel already good, wait for half and hour before you take a drink. It will keep your body and especially stomach comfortable.

If you feel already good, wait for half and hour before you take a drink. It will keep your body and especially stomach comfortable.

10. When you eat, feel the present moment.

Don´t feed your head with worries, nourish your body and eat with joy. If you let your thoughts overwhelm you, you will finish your meal without feeling that you really have eaten. And once again the state of mind in which you eat can either give you peace and motivation or anxiety, hurry and fear. Choose optimism, live in present moment, just live life.

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