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If you are not quite happy with your life or would like to change something, I’m here to help you.

You need to make an important decision and don’t know what to do? You need help before making a change in your life. Then I’ll be happy to guide you to the right answer. You would like to work on yourself to get more confident, more patient, to control your emotions better, and to be a better leader. No worries, you can do that.

About me…

Hello, I’m Elena, Life & Business Coach and entrepreneur. I’m happy to help you to cope with difficult moments in your life, to make your life and yourself better and to find the right solution for you. You are not alone with your problem, I’m here to listen to you and to help. I’m in the middle of my 30s and I have a lot of life experience besides my coaching certification. 

I lived in many countries for a long time: Germany, Israel, Russia and Mexico and travelled around the world. So I can give you coaching in English, Spanish, German or Russian. Besides life coaching, I also have a Master of Arts in intercultural communications, certification in online marketing and public relations. I’ve done lots of courses in online business and personal development. I love life coaching and helping people.

My Life Coaching Services

I’m a business strategist turned soulful entrepreneur and coach. Here’s how I can help

Solution Finding
Get unstuck in the areas of life where you feel blocked: personal life, job and career, social life, spirituality, body fitness goals, personal growth and development and family life.
Transformational coaching

Transform yourself to become more confident, powerful and transform your weaknesses into your strengths.

Career Coaching

What profession to choose, how to look for a job, how to make a CV, how to do a job interview.

Business Coaching

How to start a business, how to make a business plan, what  business and marketing strategies to choose, social media marketing and branding.

Do you need help? Don’t hesitate to book a coaching session.

Describe shortly your situation and reserve your spot.

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